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Fall Quarter Roundup 
24th-Nov-2010 11:02 am
Fall quarter is over! I've got a French exam today, and then I'm done. Next week, we go to Iowa for a full week.

Law went OK. The exam was open book, open note, and we were warned that many people don't finish because of this. Instead of looking everything up, I just came with monster notes that referenced the 100+ cases backwards and forwards, by topic and alphabetically, with year and page number. I got an A, but now I really wonder what 5 questions I got wrong. With open book/open note, there's no excuse for that :P

The feature writing final project went OK. After 6 hours of interviews and immersion, I put together a ~1800 word piece on Ellie Lee & Blues Fury. 17 people workshopped the piece and provided feedback, which actually proved pretty helpful for polishing the final. As a writer, I need to remember that subtlety is not my strong suit. The final copy went back to Ellie earlier this week, who loved it, baring some minor corrections. I'm going to try to get it published somewhere -- probably locally, and hopefully before they go off to the International Blues Competition. This is why you can't read it now. Comment here and I can email you a draft.

News editing was mostly a design course, and you know I rocked it out. We had to design our own newspaper (with content from the AP wire) for our final. You can view it here if you're curious.

Joining all of the clubs was a good idea. SPJ is good for a tidbit of info here and there and an engaging discussion. Our section of Speakeasy Magazine is so much fun. I'm going to stay on with both, as far as my schedule allows.

If I have one regret this term, it's not being able to meet with my instructors as much as I should. It's just tough when their office hours are on days I'm not in Athens, and I don't have much to say other than "thanks," while other students actually need real help. Maybe I'll get more of that in next term.

I'm also actively seeking internships, but can't really discuss how that's going, except to say "it's going!"

Next term, it's my last French class, online journalism fundamentals, a critical appreciation of fiction, and computer assisted reporting. (Near as I can tell, CAR means using data you find in internet databases and other internet research to write a large part of your story. Lauren loves internet research. Fun times! But class starts at 9, which means more dark-morning sledding down snowy 33. Sad times.)

Sam got a promotion (well, more like a latera-motion) and is now working with businesses and accountants, rather than random Joe who bought something dumb on the internet and needs a refund. He enjoys this much more, plus the tools that they use (or lack thereof) offer more of a challenge. He has some more free time between calls, so is looking forward to working on more projects and getting some job training in.

My weight loss has screeched to a grinding halt due to lack of diligence in my diet plan. I'm not gaining any weight -- I'm just not loosing any, either. This shall be fixed after Thanksgiving.

We're going to Iowa for a whole week starting next Tuesday. We've planned many relaxing activities with Sam's parents. We really need this vacation for an emotional recharge, so I'm happy we can take a whole week to do it this time around.

Sam's car got a flat (thankfully while he was in the parking lot at work) and had to have all of his tires replaced, because they were very worn. An important part of my car that keeps the front wheels turning (axle bearing) deteriorated and started making very loud, disconcerting knocking noises, and had to be replaced.

Between this and Christmas gifts, fuck my life. I'm doing a low-key Christmas this year, and it's still painful.

Money could be helped a bit more by me not buying a new phone. But after seeing what the G2 Android phone had to offer, that was not going to happen, especially not with my red-headed devil's advocate lusting after my old G1. So I have a new phone, straight out of Star Trek, and Sam inherited the old one.

This thing is nuts, guys. I don't even have to type on the phone anymore to do things. I just talk at it, and it finds things. Maps, music, wiki entries, GPS navigation. I can dictate long emails and texts to it. I can listen to podcasts without syncing anything. When I do want to write stuff, I can just swype my finger across the touchscreen and it knows what word I want to type. I now have a decentish camera that can take high-def video, too. It transcribes my voicemails (which is meanly funny when my thickly-accented ESL student calls). The device replaces my MP3 player and my GPS, making my purse 50% lighter and less awkward to root through. It's changed my life. No, really!

See you in December! In the meantime, have some reading:
24th-Nov-2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
If I could talk to my phone I would probably end up being abusive.

I hear you on the low-key Christmas front. Between car problems and paying for next semester of classes, I'm like almost broke. BLAH

Have a happy TG!
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